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Early Bird Bookkeeping helps people just like you excel at what you do best in business, by focussing on what we do best: bookkeeping services that give you peace of mind and keep your accountant happy.

Imagine all the extra time you could spend working on your business rather than in your business if you could free yourself from those bookkeeping tasks that keep piling up? Now imagine if those dreaded yet important tasks were taken care of by someone who loved doing them, giving you the freedom, you dream of?

I’m Rachel, the CEO and Director of Early Bird Bookkeeping and that’s exactly what I do! I founded Early Bird Bookkeeping to specialise in bookkeeper for startups and small to medium businesses. After years of working in public practice accounting, I could see a gap for a bookkeeping service that provided exactly what accountants need while working with small to medium business owners to help them achieve their business goals.

At Early Bird Bookkeeping, we take care of all your small and medium business bookkeeping requirements including; payroll lodgement and single touch payroll, forecasting, budgeting, reporting and much more. Numbers not really your thing? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! Most importantly, we’ll make sure you always understand the reports and the story behind the numbers.

Our flexible, comprehensive monthly packages were designed with the small to medium business owner in mind, enabling you to choose the services that best meet your individual needs. Or, if you’d prefer, you can simply pay by the hour for those unexpected items. We like to keep things easy, so that you can focus on what really matters – your business!

Just like you, Early Bird Bookkeeping is regionally based, so we understand the unique needs of businesses outside of the major cities. We work closely with our clients in the Tamworth and Armidale area, providing friendly, personalised and efficient bookkeeping services; helping to make running a business that little bit easier and a whole lot less stressful!

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At Early Bird Bookkeeping we offer quality experienced bookkeeping for your business close to Armidale, Tamworth & NSW

Our flexible, comprehensive monthly packages allow you to choose the services that best meet the needs of your business. Or you can choose to pay by the hour for those one-off unexpected items.

We assist businesses both large and small from quarterly BAS statements to Forecasting and Budgeting.