Changes to Casual and Part-Time Entitlements 2018*

From the first full pay in January 2018 Fair Work Commission have revised several awards in relation to overtime payments, minimum engagement periods and conversion from casual to permanent employment. These changes are (some may already apply in the award): Casual employees are now entitled to overtime rates once they

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The Bookkeeper’s top 10 tips for New Businesses

Starting a new business can be both an exciting and challenging time, even for the experienced businessperson. There are so many things to get in order, such as marketing, premises, staffing, equipment, etc. Getting all aspects of your business off on the right footing is ultra-important, and your record-keeping is

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Whats In A Bookkeeping System?

A bookkeeping system needs to do many things.  The three key items are It needs to run ‘the books’ for your business It needs to provide information that you need to run your business it needs to work inside your business – that is it needs to be functional within the day-to-day practices

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Bookkeeping Tip of the Month

Review your bookkeeping systems (yes systems, plural) to ensure they are right for your business … Check things like: Do they meet your needs for data recording Do they meet your needs for retrieving useful reports Do they meet your needs for maintaining accurate control of your business Do they

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BAS Registration

Are your bookkeeper and accountant registered BAS/tax agents? The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) are cracking down on unregistered agents!  The TPB ( says: Unregistered agents Using an unregistered agent is a big risk If you use an unregistered tax or BAS agent you are taking big risks, as the agent you use:

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Important Changes to Annual Leave

A number of very important changes have recently been made by the Fair Work Commission to annual leave entitlements for employees covered by the Fair Work Act 2009. It is now critical for you to familiarise yourself with these changes because: the changes are already in full legal effect non-compliance

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Task Risk Management and Governance Guide

The ATO has developed a tax risk management and governance review guide for business. While aimed at large business, there are guidelines for small to medium businesses as well. The ATO is encouraging businesses to adopt an internal control framework to self-assess tax and operational risks. The full guide addresses

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As part of my continuing drive to provide exceptional services, I’m excited to announce that I am now ‘TSheets Pro Certified’!  If you need a time-tracking program for your staff, why not check TSheets out? It has apps for both and iPhone and Android, integrates with Xero and other programs

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